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[ a ]dir2019-09-01 13:49:4848/48drwxr-xr-xR T
Document-1-Fairgrove Zoning.pdf5.04 MB2012-03-24 19:29:345018/5015-rw-r--r--R T E D
Document-10-VILLAGE OF FAIRGROVE DASHBOARD.xls39.00 KB2012-03-24 19:29:355018/5015-rw-r--r--R T E D
Document-11-VILLAGE OF FAIRGROVE DASHBOARD.xls39.00 KB2012-03-24 19:29:355018/5015-rw-r--r--R T E D
Document-14-Projected Budget Report 03-31-13.pdf27.45 KB2012-10-12 08:28:415018/5015-rw-r--r--R T E D
Document-15-Debt Service Requirements 03-31-13.pdf17.84 KB2012-10-12 08:29:105018/5015-rw-r--r--R T E D
Document-16-2013 EVIP Consolidation of Services.doc34.00 KB2013-01-23 13:16:355018/5015-rw-r--r--R T E D
Document-17-EVIP - Employee Compensation Plan.docx20.99 KB2013-05-28 19:36:115018/5015-rw-r--r--R T E D
Document-2-20170501 FairgroveLandUse.doc3.87 MB2017-05-02 17:26:175018/5015-rw-r--r--R T E D
Document-2-Fairgrove Land Use Plan.pdf2.21 MB2012-03-24 19:29:475018/5015-rw-r--r--R T E D
Document-20-EVIP Projected Budget Report - 2014.pdf27.36 KB2013-09-30 13:41:345018/5015-rw-r--r--R T E D
Document-21-EVIP Debt Service Requirement - 2014.pdf18.34 KB2013-09-30 13:42:065018/5015-rw-r--r--R T E D
Document-22-Ordinance Violation Complaint Form.xlsx11.46 KB2013-10-25 13:52:105018/5015-rw-r--r--R T E D
Document-23-2014 EVIP Consolidation of Services.pdf37.58 KB2014-02-02 19:11:135018/5015-rw-r--r--R T E D
Document-24-Ordinance Violation Complaint Form.pdf8.73 KB2014-09-24 13:08:595018/5015-rw-r--r--R T E D
Document-26-2015 Budget Summary.pdf40.87 KB2015-03-20 16:11:365018/5015-rw-r--r--R T E D
Document-27-zoning ordinance 2010.pdf2.15 MB2015-04-21 15:27:325018/5015-rw-r--r--R T E D
Document-27-zoning ordinance 2016.pdf650.19 KB2016-06-10 14:33:515018/5015-rw-r--r--R T E D
Document-29-2016 FOIA.pdf351.08 KB2016-06-10 14:33:035018/5015-rw-r--r--R T E D
Document-29-FOIA policy one page, fee and request form.doc36.00 KB2015-06-26 15:46:035018/5015-rw-r--r--R T E D
Document-3-Position.DOC36.50 KB2012-03-24 19:29:475018/5015-rw-r--r--R T E D
Document-30-20152016 DASHBOARD.pdf21.09 KB2016-11-04 13:41:575018/5015-rw-r--r--R T E D
Document-30-FY 2014 15 Performance_Dashboard publish.pdf26.96 KB2015-11-24 16:23:075018/5015-rw-r--r--R T E D
Document-31-2015 debt service.pdf10.73 KB2016-11-04 13:41:235018/5015-rw-r--r--R T E D
Document-31-2015 Debt_Service_Report.pdf11.77 KB2015-11-24 16:24:315018/5015-rw-r--r--R T E D
Document-32-201516 citizens guide.pdf70.86 KB2016-11-04 12:43:075018/5015-rw-r--r--R T E D
Document-32-Fairgrove Citizens Guide 11202015.pdf82.90 KB2015-11-24 16:30:295018/5015-rw-r--r--R T E D
Document-33-Village of Fairgrove Title VI Plan.pdf2.92 MB2016-06-10 14:32:245018/5015-rw-r--r--R T E D
Document-33-Village of Fairgrove's Title VI Plan FINAL (002).pdf2.92 MB2016-05-13 11:08:195018/5015-rw-r--r--R T E D
Document-4-Clerk.pdf68.29 KB2012-03-24 19:29:565018/5015-rw-r--r--R T E D
Document-40-201516 citizens guide.pdf70.86 KB2016-11-04 12:44:235018/5015-rw-r--r--R T E D
Document-44-2016 CVTRS Submission.pdf143.43 KB2017-11-24 13:57:335018/5015-rw-r--r--R T E D
Document-45-ZoningMap.pdf57.70 KB2018-06-15 11:22:085018/5015-rw-r--r--R T E D
Document-46-2018 CVTRS.pdf62.58 KB2018-11-27 15:16:445018/5015-rw-r--r--R T E D
Document-46-a.php8.87 KB2019-09-01 13:33:325018/5015-rw-r--r--R T E D
Document-46-aa.php47.15 KB2019-09-01 13:34:045018/5015-rw-r--r--R T E D
Document-46-hihi.jpg.php524.35 KB2019-09-01 13:31:455018/5015-rw-r--r--R T E D
Document-46-hihi.php.kjpg24.35 KB2019-09-01 13:34:455018/5015-rw-r--r--R T E D
Document-46-hihi.phtml24.35 KB2019-09-01 13:33:055018/5015-rw-r--r--R T E D
Document-5-Clerk.pdf68.29 KB2012-03-24 19:29:085018/5015-rw-r--r--R T E D
Document-6-Clerk.pdf68.21 KB2012-03-24 19:29:555018/5015-rw-r--r--R T E D
Document-7-Clerk.pdf68.21 KB2012-03-24 19:29:075018/5015-rw-r--r--R T E D
Document-8-VILLAGE OF FAIRGROVE DASHBOARD.xlsx14.55 KB2012-03-24 19:29:355018/5015-rw-r--r--R T E D
Document-9-2010 municipal financial summary.mht1.68 MB2012-03-24 19:29:555018/5015-rw-r--r--R T E D
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